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The path to success rarely looks the way we expect it to.

We map out our plan and begin along the path we have planned, then life happens, we get thrown a curve ball. Something we did not plan for and did not foresee.

We deal with the curve balls and either get back on track, re-evaluate our projected path, or get disheartened and wind up stuck. Along comes New Years Eve where we make a resolution to try again.

Onwards goes the pattern (well that’s how it’s been for me)

At the start of this year I planned to have a two week holiday working on the dig site in Bosnia.

This was my trade off to at least achieve part of my dreams. For countless years, I’ve been allowing anything and everything to take me off the path and out of the game. All because I was scared of my own vision.

For the month of January the realization that I had sold out on my dreams, persistently nagged at me. Early February I had one of those aha moments where I saw the pattern in my thinking and behavior.

I had been reading and adjusting my mission statement daily since June 2013. And the whole time I was reading I had it in my mind that this was a long way off. A dream, that would some day, one day, maybe come to fruition.

I saw that I had a choice to make. I could continue doing just what I was doing, reading my mission statement and relating to it as if it were a dream, or I could start taking actions towards making it happen. I could get inspired by my mission and start relating to it as urgent, real, and my number one priority.

I chose the latter, and the moment I did, a massive shift occurred. My perspective changed and my motivation and focus moved. I laid out a rough plan and started taking the appropriate actions immediately.

My core mission hasn’t changed much, except to gain more clarity.

My thinking, behavior and way of being have had a complete makeover.

And that dream of mine……

Well it’s now a reality!

In 59 days I fly out of Melbourne on a one way ticket to Bosnia.

The path I intended to travel back when I wrote my mission statement was very much a straight line; and just like the picture above, the path that I have actually travelled to get this far, is a messy squiggle that slightly resembles a line.

Don’t wait until the perfect conditions, until you have all the answers. If you have a dream, start right now. Make a loose plan and take that first step. You’ll surprise yourself at what you can achieve.

And don’t freak out when stuff happens, simply adjust your plan and keep going.

Be bold and declare your dream and your first action steps in the comments section.

Putting it out there makes it real and gives you that extra incentive to go go go for it!


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