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With 14 weeks to go (give or take a few days).  I am feeling a bunch of nerves and a little fear that it will all work out.

I found this great picture (above) and it really speaks to me.

For years I have had this dream and have always left it as just a dream.  Stuck in my comfort zone, I was playing the game of life way too small.  Really to be honest I was a spectator, not actually playing the game of life at all.

I woke up and realised that I am fast approaching 40, and while I have achieved certain things and had great experiences, I have not come close making my dreams a reality.  So I jumped into action and I have been overwhelmed with gratitude at the generosity of people.  I’ve been awed by just how much the universe takes over and meets my actions more than half way.

I still experience some fear.  And I have been thinking about it. 

In reality there are 2 types of fear.
  1. Valid Fear
  2. Invalid Fear

1.Valid fear is when your survival is at immediate risk, it is tangible, real and immediate.  Examples are, an angry bear is running towards you. You find yourself being held at gun point. The floor you are standing on begins to crumble to reveal the 20 foot drop below.  Valid fear is certainly a friend.  It prepares your body with the rush of adrenaline required to move fast and escape the danger or combat it.

2.Invalid fear is a fear of something that may or may not happen.  It is intangible, future based and not certain.  This kind of fear is basically a prediction that may or may not come to fruition. Some examples are; I might fail, people might not like me; I could get rejected, etc.  This type of fear while it feels very real, is not your friend.  It keeps you from achieving your dreams, from excitement and adventure.  It keeps you in your comfort zone.  And worse, you still receive the hit of adrenaline! But with nothing tangible to run from or fight, your body has to eliminate the adrenaline somehow.  I’m not a medical doctor, so I am not an expert.  I do wonder what the long term affects to our physical health would be.

I look at the above picture and remind myself that this fear is invalid and not my friend.  It is just a symptom of discomfort while I stretch myself outside the confines of my very small comfort zone.

Let the stretching continue.

Where are you going to allow some stretch? (let me know in the comment box below)

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