There are so many ways that people are making a difference in the world.

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Not everyone can, or would even want to, sell up their life and live out of their bags.

Most people would like to make a difference, and the majority of people make a difference by giving money to charity organisations or by volunteering a few hours per month at their local shelter, hospice or soup kitchen.

I have done both volunteering a few hours a month and donating to charity for most of my adult life. And I found it satisfying know that I was contributing my little part towards making a difference.  One thing that I found was missing for me was to see what the organisation/s were doing, their success stories and where they needed more assistance.  Apart from a monthly or bi-monthly newsletter, I found that there was not much for me to see and as time has gone on, I have had this burning desire to make more of a difference.

So I began to think about how I could make a bigger impact and get to see the amazing and inspiring things that people are doing all over the world.  At first, I though that I could use my annual leave time to volunteer abroad, but I soon realised that this was not enough and that I would need to earn a much bigger income than I was currently earning to be able to afford to do that and maintain paying my rent and expenses.

I have since created my solution.  I enrolled myself into a professional diploma of TESOL (Teaching English to Speaker of Other Languages).  I am about to complete the qualifications that I will need to be able to teach English abroad.  My plan is to spend at least 10 years working abroad in a combination of volunteer roles and paid English teaching roles (to help cover costs).  With that plan I realised that I had one final hiccup……….. funds

After a relationship break up, I found myself starting all over again with basically my bedroom furniture, a fridge and my little old car at the age of 35.  That was 4 years ago, and I still have the bedroom furniture, fridge and car a small amount of savings, and not much else.  So the sale of my stuff will not give me much in the way of funds.

I put on my thinking cap, and spoke to a number of people to brain-storm ideas.  A bank loan was not a possibility, especially since I will be leaving the country, have no assets and a student loan and a credit card (which I am still paying off).  Then the idea hit me!  Crowd funding!  Ask a large number of people to give a small amount of money each.

I am now lit up again, my dream is finally a reality.  And no matter how small the funding that comes my way, I’m determined to make one heck of a difference to as many people as possible.  So immensely great is my passion, that I have made it my life’s work, my mission, my vision.  And I won’t stop.  I’ve been slammed and attacked by scathing messages and posts from people who I don’t know.  I have to say at first I was a little shocked and upset, then I took a deep breath and got over it, hit delete and block and continued on.  I have had nothing but encouragement and support from those of you I know and also those of you that I don’t know yet.  I want to thank each and every one of you for being “The One” to make a difference to me.

What I need more than verbal and written support is financial support.  Please click on the link to my crowd funding page* and give what you can, every dollar counts.  And please, please share with your network, ask them to contribute and share.  We can create a massive community who make a huge difference by giving their spare change, or what they can.

And everyone of you can watch were your money is going, via video’s, photos, and by reading my blog.  I will be taking videos and photos at every opportunity I get.  And of course sharing them with you all here on the blog, on my Facebook page and on my YouTube channel.

I will be posting and uploading as often as internet connection will allow, while remote.  And then most likely overloading you all with heaps of footage and pictures, when I get back to decent Wifi connections.

Once I have things all sorted and have a good source of funding behind me, I will then be putting my life in your hands by making this mission more interactive and giving you the say.  I will be welcoming and encouraging suggestions for causes or social issues that you would like to see me donate my time to, and then opening up a poll for everyone to vote on which one I go to next.

None of this can happen without your support and contributions.

Thank you so much for being your unique self and a difference maker.

My heart and soul thank you.

With love

Sam Usher – Adventure Philosopher

*Please note, the link has been removed due to change in circumstances.  Making a difference is still my mission and focus, I’m just doing it a bit differently than I had originally planned.

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