Welcome to my blog.

The intention is to share what I have learned and my observations and thoughts to bring about an awakening of human consciousness.

I will also be sharing my travels and all the various philanthropic work I will be doing.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have wanted to make a massive contribution and a big difference to the world.  My dreams and aspirations were always so much bigger than I thought that I was.

I have done a lot of personal development work, and through all of that work, my passion to make a difference has grown into a burning desire, an inspiration that drives me.  For a couple of years I have been planning to travel the globe, making a difference.  I had no idea how I would do it, or what it would look like, and I began to lose confidence in my dream.  I began to entertain and indulge in limiting and negative thoughts and self-talk.  Things like who do I think I am?  I’m just one person, I can’t make a difference.  I’m not important; I’m not smart enough, good enough etc, etc.

That was until I did some incredible training with MJB Seminars and developed my Divine Mission Statement.  This put my dream onto paper, gave it substance and turned it into my vision.  I followed the teaching from Mitch and Mills and committed to reading my Divine Mission Statement every day, editing it and tweaking it every so often.  I began to believe in and get re-inspired by my vision all over again.  And 6 months on I have confidence in myself, and am actually taking actions toward making the vision real.  A massive shout out of deep felt gratitude to Mitch and Mills.

Yes I still have momentary thoughts arise, and I now see them for what they are.  They are just thoughts, I can choose to entertain them and indulge in them, or I can simply allow them to float on by, like the brain farts that they are.  Yes, I did just say Brain Fart!  Just like regular farts, we all do them (though some don’t like to admit to it) we all have brain farts.  Those often smelly thoughts that if we entertain them, leave us in a filthy cloud of disempowerment.

I am currently cataloguing all of my belongings to sell. Basically what I can’t fit into my bags is up for grabs.  Don’t worry I’ll be posting links to eBay and announcing the garage sales. I have not yet booked my tickets (currently raising the $$), though I am planning on flying out of Australia at the end of May, start of June.

The plan is to do a combination of self and crowd funded philanthropic (volunteer) work, and paid English teaching work.  The more funds I can raise via crowd funding, the more philanthropic work I can do.  So far the plan is to head on over to Bosnia, to the Valley of the Pyramids in Visoko, where I will spend their summer (3 months) working on the dig site.  Yes I did say Pyramids in Bosnia! More about that in another post.

Then I will head off most likely to China to teach English in a paid position, to save up money to go on the next campaign.  This will be either working in South Africa with Kevin Richardson – The Lion Whisperer; or teaching young girls in Nepal, equipping them with skills so that they are less likely to be caught up in the human trafficking rings.  From there I will do some more paid teaching work before going off on the next philanthropic adventure.

I will be blogging about the work that I am doing and raising awareness to various social and environmental issues and showcasing the work that is being done by various organisations; sharing what I know, learning and discovering about evolving human consciousness; and sharing different cultures with you all.

I will also be posting links to my crowd funding campaigns so that those who would like to be a part in making a difference, can contribute towards making a massive difference on the planet.

I want you all to come on the journey of a lifetime with me.

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Thank you for being a difference maker and for reading my blog.

Keep shining the wonderful and unique light that is you


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