It’s been 4 years since I began selling everything I owned in preparation for my adventure of volunteer work and English teaching all over the world.

I most certainly didn’t foresee that I would be back in Australia so soon.

So much has occurred in the last 4 years that it hardly seems possible for only 4 years to have gone by. In that time I have lived in 11 homes in 3 countries. I’ve gone through the uncertainty of being stuck in a country without my passport or money to be able to go anywhere, whilst also being pregnant.

I’ve had tea in a tent with terrorists, uncovered ancient artifacts, watched a meteor shower on the plateau of one of the world’s largest pyramids, visited both a Dervish and a Franciscan monastery, worked in universities, corporate offices and in tunnels 2 meters underground from the surface.

I’ve grown, birthed and raised a very smart and deliriously cute little human, completed a diploma, almost half way through my PhD, made new friends, re-built my life from scratch, been to 2 funerals and a wedding, and had a total of 11 flights.

I’m now dealing with Post Natal Depression, managing my studies, social life and family life, while continuing to raise my little human. I am now able to focus on what drives me, lights me up and gives me the fuel and inspiration to stand up and make a difference.

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With all I have learned and experienced I have some incredible insights, skill and techniques to share.

Oh and of course, so many stories of the adventures.

Now is the time to start sharing it all with you.

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